Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Awareness Level 1

Our Fire Safety Awareness level 1 course is designed for to give those in the workplace, in particular new starters, a basic understanding of where basic fire safety is required.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone in a working environment where the potential for fire is present
  • New employees
  • Established employees needing a refresher
  • Those wising to become a fire warden
  • 5 hour course

  • fire warden training

  • fire safety  training certificate

  • fire safety accredited qualification

Fire Safety training

Course Topics

  • Understanding the hazards and risk associated with fire in the workplace
  • Identifying the components of the fire triangle
  • The main causes of fire in the workplace
  • Fire safety is everyone's responsibility
  • Learning the correct actions to take in the event of a fire
  • Types of firefighting equipment and their uses

Learning Outcomes

 At the end of the course, students will have learnt;

  • The basics of fire safety and understand how fire is controlled in the work place
  • Ways to reduce the likelihood of fire
  • What actions to take in the event of a fire
  • the different types and uses of firefighting equipment

Our fire safety awareness course instructor is a 20 year veteran Firefighter with multiple years experience of teaching.

This course is nationally recognised and accredited by the awarding body Highfield. All those meeting the required standards and passing the short exam at the end of the day will receive a level 2 (RQF) qualification, shortly after the course has finished.

We work with you to help you work safely.

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