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At Indrisec Security Services we can offer a wide range of security services, specifically tailored to your requirements. Specialising in risk management, we can secure your special event, protect your assets, and protect your people. We do this by utilising well trained security professionals.

We are confident we can secure your venue, assets, and people.

All our security personnel are SIA licensed and vetted. We are also a Security Training Company, meaning we ensure every member of our team is trained to our standards, which far exceed the security industry minimum.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deploy quickly and efficiently, delivering professional security services the highest of standards.

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If you're a commercial client, looking for risk management, and security services, our in depth risk assessment will allow us to provide a suitable security service for you. With extensive experience in security matters, we take an intelligence driven approach to ensuring your safety. We don't just simply turn up and look the part. We analyse and investigate your situation and local crime data to determine the level of threat that you are facing, before implementing a security plan designed to mitigate that threat and the risk to you.

Whether you are a business entity, family or individual person, our approach is always the same, giving every one of our customers an executive security service.


With experience ranging from securing lone workers, providing security for corporate events and functions, right through to to the personal protection of public figures and celebrities, Indrisec Security Services pride ourselves on our ability to protect what matters to you most. All of our staff are highly trained, coming from either ex military or civilian backgrounds with extensive experience in the field of security, protection and risk management.

Our mission at Indrisec Security Services is to ensure that every customer we work with receives the best service we can offer, to ensure total protection and security.

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Risk Management

Whether you are a high net worth individual, business person, have an immediate risk to your personal safety or your business, or just want some peace of mind, Indrisec Security Services are able to cater for all of your security needs.

Some of the risk management and security services we offer are listed below, and all can be tailored an combined to create your ideal risk management strategy;

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ThreatA threat is something that has the potential to cause harm to yourself, your business, or your family. When you get in touch with Indrisec Security Services we will carry out a quick telephone survey. During this we will establish what security service you are trying to obtain. We will then arrange a time to come and visit you to carry out a complete security assessment. This process allows us to establish what sort of threats you may be facing.

VulnerabilityA vulnerability is the thing in which a threat uses to create risk. For example a threat may be trespassers gaining entry to your construction site. The vulnerability could be that over weekends your site is empty, and thus have an empty site for the threat to exploit. Once we have established what threats and vulnerabilities are present, we can assess risk and formulate a plan.

RiskRisk is an assessment of how much damage the threat can do to you or your business. Taking the events of individuals gaining entry to an empty construction site, the risk of trespass could be as little as just having to replace some machinery through to as great as an illegal encampment being set up causing severe financial loss and delaying your project.

SolutionAfter we have considered all factors involving threat, vulnerability, and risk, we will develop a risk management solution for you to best mitigate these things while still allowing you to go about your daily business keeping you free from harassment, embarrassment and harm.