All Scheduled courses will go ahead during the national lockdown.

Following the latest government advice regarding the second, winter lockdown, Indrisec will continue to deliver our scheduled courses to our learners in-line with government advice, available here.

What We Are Doing.

Indrisec Ltd is committed to supporting the healthcare of the nation and is continually assessing our ability to deliver safe training solutions that meet government guidelines. We constantly monitor government guidelines, our awarding body, and that of the Health and Safety Executive to ensure that the training we deliver, is safe, while still maintaining our excellent training standards.

Under the new guidelines linked above, formal training is allowed to continue, so long as it is carried out within current COVID safe guidelines. To achieve this we have carried out additional risk assessments for our training centre to determine how best to deliver our training while keeping our learners safe. Below we have listed the main points of our measures that we have put in place. 

Our COVID Safety Measures

Face Coverings and Gloves

  • Pre Course

    Any learners suffering from COVID-like symptoms, or who are required to isolate under guidelines, will be told not to attend their training session (we will provide a free course transfer in this instance).

  • Arrival at our Training Centre

    Upon arriving at our training centre you will have your temperature checked, using a non-contact thermometer, and will be assigned a desk for the duration of your course. Any learners attending with a high fever will be asked to leave the course immediately, and will be transfer to another course at a later date.

  • Reduced Class Sizes

    We have decreased our class sizes to allow for distancing between learners. Some courses, such as first aid, have a lower class size than others. For specific class sizes, please get in touch, or see the course details on our website.

  • PPE

    All learners will be required to bring with them a face covering and their own mug/water bottle and a notepad and pen. We will have barrier gloves available as well as spare masks should anyone forget their own. Learners will be required to wear PPE when moving around the training facility.

  • Sanitisation

    Indrisec carries out strict sanitisation practices to ensure the safety of its students. All equipment shall be sanitised before and after any training has been carried out. In the case of CPR manikins, they will be thoroughly sterilised, with a new set of lungs installed, prior to every course. During the course each learner will be issued their own set of equipment/manikin and will not share equipment. Learners will be issued their own hand sanitiser and will be encouraged to use it as is necessary throughout the day.

  • Socially Distanced

    We have altered our training methods to allow for social distancing and to ensure that trainers and learners do not need to come into contact, except where absolutely necessary for specific training purposes.

Delegates are requested to bring their own face coverings for the duration of the course in the form of a mask. Should a delegate not have access to a mask, we can provide one. We will also provide disposable nitrile gloves for delegates to sue throughout the course. Masks must be worn when delegates are arriving, leaving, or moving away from their desk at any time, unless delegates are exempt from wearing such masks due to a medical condition. Gloves must be worn during practical training sessions and can be disposed of after each session. Any time a delegate moves away from their desk, they will be requested to sanitise their hands. While delegates are seated at their desks they are not required to wear masks or gloves.

Our instructors will not wear a mask to instruct the course, unless they are moving into close proximity with you, and they feel it is necessary. This is so that the instructor can more easily communicate the details of the course to you, to ensure you get the best learning experience we can deliver. Some of our courses do require contact training, and in these instances, hand sanitiser will be used.