Conflict Management – Level 2

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Our Level 2 in Conflict Management course is designed to give those with a customer facing role, or those dealing with the public, the required skills to effectively manage conflict before it escalates to violence. This course can also be useful for those supporting service users, in places such as residential homes, hostels and supported living facilities.

  • Location: Indrisec Training Centre, Old Bank Chambers, 3-5 Alexandra Road, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 6BU
  • Cost: £200+VAT
  • Duration: 2 Conflict Management
  • Qualification: Level 2 – nationally recognised

Who is this course for?

  • People working directly with service users, customers, or members of the public
  • Security Operatives
  • Team leaders
  • Managers

Course Topics

  • How communication can solve problems and reduce conflict
  • Understand factors that influence human response
  • Assess and reduce risks in conflict situations
  • effective communication to de-escalate conflict
  • Understanding good practice to follow after conflict situations

Learning Outcomes

 At the end of the course, students will have learnt;

  • How to communicate effectively to prevent conflict
  • What factors influence human response in a conflict situation
  • How to apply a dynamic risk assessment to a conflict situation
  • Methods used to de-escalate a conflict in an emotive situation

Our Conflict Management instructors are experienced, and actively employed, close protection operatives, who have spent their whole career managing conflict.

This course is nationally recognised and accredited by the awarding body Highfield. All those meeting the required standards and passing the short exam at the end of the day will receive a level 2 (RQF) qualification, shortly after the course has finished.

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