First Aid Training

Our CPR and First Aid Training courses are designed to give you the skills you need to be able to preserve life when it matters most.

Our training courses are delivered by security and training industry professionals with a wealth of experience, capable of delivering CPR and First Aid Training in an easy to understand way. Mixing both practical and theoretical learning, our instructors will also use their experience delivering medical aid to casualties to ensure you get the best out of your learning with us.

Met my expectations and more

I feel that this course as equipped me with the much needed knowledge and skills to do my job effectively.

C. Westwood

Great Course

Great course, great instructor. Would highly recommend.

A. Woolley
LAE Events

Would most definitely recommend

Thank you for a very interesting and hands on course.  Would most definitely recommend all of TVBC staff to attend this session.

C. J
Test Valley Borough Council


The tutor made learning fun and the day flew by ending in my exam results of 100%. I hadn’t realised how much I learnt.


Thank you Indrisec

I’ve done two courses from Indrisec and both are hugely beneficial to my work role. The tutors are brilliant and very thorough with the use of presentations and real life scenarios. With my line of work this training has prepared me to deal with situations with great confidence. Thank you Indrisec.

Heidi L

Fantastic Course

So much information and delivered really well. Mike had great knowledge of first aid. Really personable and made the course engaging.

S. Fox
Bulldogs Boxing and Community Activities


Very helpfull instructor, very friendly. Happy to answer questions and show what is being done wrong/right etc. 10/10!

L. Eustace
LAE Events

Professional Course

Professional course, easy to follow and the instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable.

J. Mitchell
LAE Events

Excellent Instructor

Thank you for delivering the training for us today, all said they found the training very useful and well delivered.

Surrey County Council

The Resuscitation Council (UK) shows that "The immediate initiation of bystander CPR can double or quadruple survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest". Further to this it also notes that "Despite this compelling evidence, only 40% of victims receive bystander CPR in the UK." 

We firmly believe that these low statistics are due to a lack of knowledge, and training among the general population within the UK. In fact, in terms of developed countries, the UK is far behind on population knowledge when it comes to CPR and First Aid training. Most countries similar to the UK, teach CPR at school. This allows the population to understand and gain knowledge in basic life saving techniques. By knowing CPR and First Aid, and taking basic first aid training, you can literally be saving a life.


CPR works by using chest compression's, combined with rescue breaths, to pump blood around the body delivering vital oxygen to the brain and body. The brain can survive for about 6 minutes without oxygen before brain damage starts to take affect. By compressing the chest, and blowing air into the lungs during CPR, you are able to keep oxygenated blood flowing around the body and into the brain.

First Aid Training and CPR

Delivered by our knowledgeable and experienced instructors, we teach you from a position of experience. Experience gained over vast careers in the military, emergency services, and private security sector. We don't just follow the text, rather we instruct and teach you with real world knowledge, giving examples of real situations we have faced to reinforce the importance and effectiveness of this training.