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With increasing rates of crime and violence around the globe, residential security measures are becoming more common place among those with valuable assets.

Despite this, residential security is often one of the most overlooked aspects of the home. People often end their night by just ensuring doors and windows are locked without much thought given to the actual level of security in place. At Indrisec Security Services we can offer a number of bespoke solutions to provide protection to your home, including both manned and un-manned security solutions.

All of our residential security contracts come with a number of signage options in varying degrees of discretion and we can offer numerous services to protect your home;

  • Residential Security Team
  • Mobile Security Guard Patrols
  • Remote Monitoring CCTV
  • Drone Technology
Indrisec Residential Security Services

Residential Security Team

A Residential Security Team (RST) is a team of SIA licensed Close Protection Operatives (CPOs), specialising in the close personal protection of designated individuals. These CP and RS Teams train and focus solely on the protection of individuals. In the sense of residential security, they are effectively a team of bodyguards deployed to protect your house.

A Residential Security Team is the most comprehensive form of security you can employ at your home due to their level of training and experience, and the RST have a number of tools they can utilise at their disposal. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems, allow total coverage of your estate or grounds and can be tailored for privacy allowing the RST to keep a constant watch on your property, without intruding on your personal space. Perimeter motion detection systems can act as an early warning against any intruders, and physical patrols around your property allow the team to keep a hands on approach, and physical presence to security, as well as acting as a very strong deterrent.

With all of that, a physical team in place at your residence also allows for immediate response in the case of an incident occurring.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote monitoring of CCTV is a cost effective solution to securing your business or private residence against criminal damage.

Using the latest technology in CCTV equipment, we can monitor your cameras remotely from our monitoring centre and react to any alarms triggered. Monitoring can be permanent, round the clock, or just at specific times. Once a motion alarm is triggered, our security operatives will investigate the motion alarm to gather as much information as possible.

An audio warning can then be given to any intruders that they are being monitored and that the police are being notified. The security operative will then contact the local police force to inform them of criminal activity.

With remote CCTV monitoring you can have a cost effective solution to all round security, with minimal intrusion on your daily activities, and is a great addition to other residential security measures.

Mobile Security Patrols

Our mobile security patrol service is a great way to offer a periodic visual deterrent to combat your home security concerns. Our guards will visit your home on a patrol route and carry out a series of checks at your residence, depending on the level of service you require. The patrol times and routes will ideally be staggered, to prevent pattern forming, but can also be arranged for a specific time period to combat specific identified threats.

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