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Indrisec Security Services can provide Close Protection Officers, or Bodyguards, at a moments notice, to meet our clients needs.

All of our protection specialists are either ex military/law enforcement, or highly experienced civilians with proven track records. All are dedicated to their chosen field of protective services, and are experienced in protecting a range of clients.

Bodyguard Services from Indrisec Security Services

Whether your a wealthy businessperson, or someone in the public eye, we have the experience to cater for your needs. Using only experienced and highly trained bodyguards on protection details means that you are in safe hands when using our close protection services.

We can employ a security team as an Overt Protection Detail (seen, but discreet); as a Covert Protection Detail (not seen); or a mixture of the two.

  • Overt Protection Detail

An overt protection detail can take on two forms. Firstly, a high profile detail where the aim is to make it obvious to all that a protection detail is present, and low profile, where the aim is offer a discreet level of protection, unnoticed by general passers by. A high profile protection detail will use their presence as a visual deterrent, and is a method more commonly used for celebrities and those regularly in the public eye. A low profile protection detail will try to blend into your group of associates and behave similarly, appearing to be assistants or close acquaintances of you to those passing by. The idea here is that at a quick glance, it doesn't look like you have a security detail with you and is often the method used for business persons and High Net Worth individuals.

  • Covert Protection Detail

A covert protection detail, otherwise known as protective surveillance, is a method of security designed to keep the security team completely hidden from outside observation, as well as keeping it visually out of sight from the protectee. Acting with complete discretion, a covert protection detail will blend into those around the client giving the impression of there being no security team assigned at all. This is a useful technique to use for clients who do not wish to have the appearance of a protection detail following their every move and can often be employed to provide protection to spouses or children where there is reluctance to accept a security detail.

Regardless of whether you need an overt, or covert protection detail, all of our Close Protection Officers operate to the highest of standards, working around you, ensuring protection with minimal encroachment on your personal life. As part of the initial assessment phase for a security solution, a thorough risk assessment will be carried out to ensure that the level of protection is tailored to your needs. Further to this, constant reviewing of the risk and associated factors, as well as having the ability to combine a close protection team with a residential security team, ensure that we can adjust your level of protection as needed, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Indrisec Security Services can provide Close Protection for different types of individuals;

  • Middle Eastern visiting families
  • High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals
  • Sports teams
  • VIP and Celebrities
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