Guaranteed Pass on Our Training Courses. Do we offer it?

The short answer to whether we guarantee a pass on our training courses is no, we do not. And you should be wary of any company that does! We get asked this question a lot, and have even lost business due to our answer, but here is why we are proud to say we do not guarantee a pass on any of our courses.

You see, when you attend a course with Indrisec, whether that be a first aid course, a security industry course, or a self defence and awareness course, we will train and test you to ensure you have learnt the course content to an adequate level. And there’s a key word in that previous sentence: test.

Guaranteed Pass

If we’re going to test our students, they have to be able to fail. Otherwise it’s not a test. It’s merely a pointless process to eat up time on a course. Testing someone, and then passing or failing them, lets us, and you, know how you are doing on the course. It allows us as instructors to adjust our teaching where necessary, so that you get the best out of the subject matter, and allows you to adjust your efforts. And that’s just looking at passing or failing from a basic course point of view.

Guaranteed Passes on Security Courses

Now let’s consider our Security Industry Authority courses, and more specifically our Close Protection Course. This course teaches students attending to go out into the private security world and offer their services as a close protection operative (bodyguard). In laymen terms, a Close Protection Operative (CPO) is there to protect an individual’s (The principal) life. They are there to ensure that the individual in their charge remains as safe as can be.

Now, lets imagine we, as a company, have passed an individual on our course who did not meet the required standards. That individual is now responsible for the protection of someone’s life, and yet, didn’t meet the bare standards of the course they attended. Now consider that individual working as part of a team. In this instance, not only is the principal now at risk, but so are the rest of their team who are relying on a well trained individual.

Lets now consider the role of a security operative. Someone responsible for the security at a large scale event. Again, with a guaranteed pass, the hypothetical individual in question is again, not adequately trained to do their job. They may not pay attention to a potential device left in a busy area, in a rucksack under a bench… I’m sure you can imagine the rest.

When it comes to security operations, we, as an industry, cannot afford to allow untrained, or badly trained individuals to pass through the net. It creates a public safety issue, at worst, and at best is not fair to the individuals potential team mates who are relying on that person.

Guaranteed Pass on First Aid Courses

We take the same stance with our first aid training as we do with our security courses. If we are going to pass you as a graduate of one of our courses, it will be because you have reached the required level of training. With first aid training it is just as important to ensure our students are adequately trained.

When a first aid or casualty situation arises, people look to their organisations first aiders for help and reassurance. To allow only partly qualified individuals to carry out this role is unfair to all those involved, especially the casualty. Additionally, it puts your organisation at risk, which in turn, puts us at risk. And all of that pales in comparison to the potential risk to an injured person.

A Guaranteed Pass Demeans Other Student’s Efforts

Guaranteeing the passing of one student demeans the effort of those who are able to pass of their own merit. It removes any need to work hard and achieve anything. We carry out pressure testing on our courses, and we do this to ensure that knowledge retention has happened when put under a bit of pressure. By guaranteeing a pass for one person, the other 5 people on the course may as well have not bothered. Because their pass means nothing. They have the same qualification as they person who couldn’t achieve the required results. It devalues the whole process.

Our Brand, Our Pride, Our Quality

At Indrisec we pride ourselves on our experience driven training. With over 50 years of frontline operational experience amongst our training team, we do not believe in just teaching by the numbers. We teach with passion using our vast experience to put our teaching points into relatable chunks where our students can understand the context of what they are learning. This is why we do not offer a guaranteed pass. We want our students to feel pride that they have passed an Indrisec course. We students to go out into their respective industry and speak of the course they attended with us, with pride. This is because we truly believe in the quality of our training and what we do.

So no, we do not, and will not, guarantee a pass!

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