Close Protection Course

Close Protection Course - 16 days

Our Level 3 Close Protection Course is delivered by highly experienced industry professionals.

Our Mission: The Pursuit of Excellence through Reality Based Training.

Our close protection course is based on the combined 50+ years of operational experience in the private security industry, emergency services, and military service of our instructors.

Our close protection training team teaches from operational experience, gained within the industry. This allows them teach you everything you need to know to begin a career in the Close Protection Industry.

Close Protection Course Seminar

In addition to our courses, we offer potential delegates the opportunity to visit us at our training facility and attend a short, half day seminar on our Close Protection Course. Running from Midday until approximately 16:00, this free to attend event will allow you to ask questions, meet the team, and get a brief overview of how the industry works. We will also run you through a practical scenario to give you an idea of how we run our course.  These seminars have limited places available, so if you want to to attend, it's important that you get your details to us as soon as possible.

Find out more about our Close Protection Seminar Here.

Close Protection Course
Close Protection Course Dates
  • 05 - 20 March 2022 £1,800.00  £1,600.00

Close Protection Seminar Dates (Limited Places Available)

  • Dates to be announced

We are still operating our training courses under this current lockdown, as per UK Government Guidelines listed here:

Read our COVID Secure Policy for training. 

Due to the nature of the security industry, and the role of a Close Protection Operative in particular, the close protection course will require a pre-course interview either by telephone or by arranging to visit our training centre.

This is done to ensure that the candidates wishing to attend the Close Protection Course fully understand the nature of the industry and work they are trying to gain entry to, and that they understand the commitment involved, both on our course, and moving forward.

"With over 50 years of combined operational experience amongst our instructor team, Indrisec teach from a point of experience, based on the realities of working within the Close Protection Industry".

Close Protection Course Overview

Close Protection Course Prerequisites

Candidates must meet the following to attend our close protection course:

  • Aged 18 or above
  • Must have passed a criminal record check. Refer to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) website.
  • Be able to communicate effectively in written and spoken English
  • Need to be of reasonable health and fitness levels due to the nature of the course
  • Identification and proof of address (i.e. passport, drivers’ licence, bills, bank statements) must also be provided. The address proof cannot be more than 3 months’ old
  • Should you wish to be eligible as a driver on the course then you must hold a full driving licence and be at least 25 years of age. Serious driving offences will be individually assessed by the insurance company.
  • Hold a suitable First Aid Qualification, such as our Level 3 First Aid Response qualification (required by the SIA to be granted a Close Protection Licence)


Our course has been designed to start with the basics, and build on that. Close Protection can become a very high stress role and our training course aims to teach you the required skills to deal with that.

Close Protection is regarded as the top of the security ladder in terms of operational duties and as such can involve a great deal of different experiences and challenges. The world of Close Protection can involve high stress situation, and you can find yourself protecting VIP's, celebrities, sports stars, politicians or foreign royalty.

The course itself lasts 16 days (20 if you take our discounted First Aid Response Course to gain your medical qualification).

Our experienced Instructors will progress you through the following subjects during the close protection training.

  • Roles & responsibilities of a CPO
  • Threat & risk assessment
  • Surveillance awareness
  • Operational planning
  • Law & legislation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork in the CP team
  • Foot/Walking Drills
  • Venue reconnaissance
  • Route selection and planning
  • Vehicle drills
  • Search procedures
  • Venue security
  • Communication & conflict management skills

Additionally to this, close quarters combat will be taught throughout the course in association with 

The guys at TJJ are highly experienced martial artists specialising combatives for the military (both conventional and special forces), police, and security operatives.

Students who successfully complete the close protection course will be issued with a Level 3 Award for Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry.

Note: Close Protection Operatives must also hold a valid First Aid Certificate (such as a First Aid Response, First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOSi) or First Response Emergency Care (FREC) course) and have passed a criminal background check to obtain an SIA Close Protection licence.

As part of our close protection course package, we offer a 4 day First Aid Response course at a discounted rate, taking place on the 4 days prior to the close protection course starting.

For students wishing to attend the First Aid Response course in addition to the close protection course, the length of time training will be increased to 20 days.

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