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Remote monitoring of CCTV is a cost effective security solution to providing round the clock security at your residence or place of business.

Whether you need remote CCTV monitoring for your personal place of residence, or for your business, we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Our remote monitoring service can be activated 24/7 or at times when your site is unattended.

CCTV Monitoring by Indrisec Security Services

This offers you a totally bespoke solution that we can adjust, day by day, to suit your needs.

With remote CCTV monitoring, you can rest assured that you protecting your assets, round the clock, with a cost effective solution.

How does Remote CCTV Monitoring work?

We will install cameras at your site, which use either internet or mobile networks to transmit video feeds back to our control centre. Motion activated sensors alert us to any intruder presence on your property or site and from this we can then monitor the situation to determine the response required.

If the activity is deemed as suspicious then the police will be called, as well as your nominated keyholder for the site. At this point an audible warning will be issued to the intruders that they are being remote monitored and that the police have been called.

Once the incident has been dealt with and resolved, a full written report will be published to you, giving any details of crime reference numbers with the police, and all actions taken.

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