10 Home Security Tips

10 Home Security Tips Ebook

A few weeks ago we released an e-book with 10 home security tips that can help you improve your home. Now, for some, these tips will be obvious. because some people are just naturally more security aware than others. But we have found that even those who have very good situational awareness can sometimes miss an easy solution.

The 10 Security Tips to Secure your Home e-book is designed to be downloaded and kept by you. Reference it, and gradually work your way through the list to ensure you are as secure as you can be. The list is not exhaustive, but some of the security tips we discuss are as follows;

10 Home Security Tips EbookPerimeter Security

This section describes best practices on how to ensure the perimeter of your property is safe and secure.


The grounds section of the home security tips e-book describe the overall grounds of your home, and how you can secure them.

Doorways and Windows

How can you secure these better to ensure your home remains protected.


Keys out of sight is an important security tip. In fact, our neighbour, just a few weeks ago had their car stolen by burglars getting the keys using their front door and letterbox to gain entry. A simple mistake made by many, many people every day, but the results have been pretty devastating.

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